Jointing & Finishing Compounds

Knauf Easy - Finish
Knauf EASY - Finish is a pre mixed gypsum based, white finish compound designed for use as a skimming compound on most interior construction surfaces such as gypsum boards, sand/cement render & cement fibre boards. EASY - Finish is designed for internal use only and is intended to provide a perfectly smooth and level surface ready for the final decoration or wall finishing.
Readygips Joint Filler and Finishing Compound
Readygips is a high performance pre-mixed compound that is used for embedded joint tapes, beads and finishing of Gypsum panel joints. This compound offers superior working quality and has a good crack resistance due to its excellent bond. Readygips gives the smoothest of finishes with minimum efforts, its formulation ensures a professional /quality drywall finish every time.
Under ASTM C475 and ASTM D3273
Perlfix Bonding Compound
Multi- Purpose gypsum- Based Adhesive to be used in place of Knauf Metal Profiles and for direct bonding of Knauf gypsum boards to concrete surfaces.
Uniflott Special Joint Filler
Uniflott is a specially formulated joint Compound for use with Cleaneo Acoustic boards to create a seamless finish.
Fugenfuller Joint Filler
A fast setting gypsum compound (Powder Based) for bedding joints by hand application.
Satengips Finishing Compounds
Satengips is used to obtain a smooth and even surface before the application of wall finishing such as paint and wallpaper.
Fire board Joint filler
A Joint filler use with Knauf fireboard to achieve improved fire resistance.
Safeboard Joint Filler
A joint filler use for Knauf Safeboard X- ray shielding gypsum board.
Special Textile Fiber - glass Joint Tape
Special Textile Fiber Glass joint Tape is a premium joint tape which performs at the best level to prevent cracks and to provide the best finishing.
Acoustical Sealing Tape
A purpose made self-adhesive strip which isolates the floor deck from the top of the partition in order to improve acoustic performance.
Acoustical Sealant
Knauf Acoustical sealant is a pasty dispersion bound compound for the use of high performance Fire & acoustic rated partition systems.
Self-Adhesive Fiber Glass Mesh- Joint Tape
Self-adhesive tape for reinforcing joints by hand application. Knauf Joint Tape - Fiber Glass mesh is recommended on ceilings and to create the strongest joints.
Kurt- Paper Joint Tape
Paper Joint tape used for reinforcing joints by hand application, it is recommended to ensure crack free joints on drywall systems.
Trenn- fix Self- Adhesive Separation Strip
Knauf Trenn-Fix crack-free connections of drywall partitions or ceilings to the other building materials at abutments by separating them completely. This unique paper tape is applied at the perimeter of drywall partitions or ceilings to avoid crack formation at abutments to blockwork on other building materials.
Alux Corner Tape
Knauf Alux Corner Tape is a flexible paper tape roll with metal strip reinforcements. The tape is bent inwards or outwards from the middle and as applied to interior or exterior corners to reinforce the edges of drywall applications such as partitions, ceilings, wall linings.


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